Paradigm Metals 2007 Visit

2007 - Team of buyers from Applied Materials - China at Paradigm Metals. (Click image to enlarge.)


Client Testimonials

"I appreciate the efforts of Paradigm each and every day."
John Radtke

"You guys are awesome!"
Michelle Johnson
AGS Buyer

"Oh man, you were a good choice for me!"
Kelan Washington
FEP Purchasing

"The quality is as high as anywhere that I have experienced - and higher than most. The ability of the skilled staff to squeeze out tolerances and provide better results is a strong benefit of our relationship with Paradigm. We count on this within our design process and you might say that this leads us back to Paradigm by default, because we know what we can get there versus alternate suppliers where we can’t count on the same flexibility or attention level. Also – it is important to note that things don’t always go perfectly – for anyone. The more important marquee is; how does that supplier respond to problems when they do arise. In this area, Paradigm has always been exemplary in providing professional responses to remedy any items. Furthermore, problems are headed off in the near term, because we can count on (and have come to expect) DFM / DFA feedback early in the process, so that potential manufacturing issues can be designed correctly to start with."
Tom Ortman
Concurrent Design, Inc.

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