Dan Chew


Dan Chew, CEO & President

Daniel Chew, CEO and President of Paradigm Metals, Inc. entered the fabrication business at the age of 23. He rented 500 square feet of production floor space from his employer at the time, secured a capitol investment of $10,000 and business from Motorola and began fabricating sheet metal parts. He and his older brother, Steve, commenced to develop what is now Paradigm Metals, Inc. Chew started with just a Roper Whitney kick press, Strippet 18/30, hand notcher, and a 6 foot air break.

The vision was to satisfy the needs of the customers by providing quality, reliability, continuous improvement, utilize a total service network to pledge long term satisfaction and form teams to process work through organization. Paradigm Metals, Inc.’s disposition of providing precision products to world class customers has availed to the company’s experiences that prepared them to pursue the goal of becoming the leaders in their market.

Diligence in executing the following vital requirements have made this goal a reality; reducing cycle times for all procedures, implementing continuous improvement in all functions, allowing personnel the power of making changes, utilizing all external resources available and designing a cost-effective process and delivery plan, to name just a few.

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